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Technology and architecture – a dialogue

Good design is only the first step towards good architecture. As generalists, architects also need to know how to make intelligent use of energy technology. These days, clients expect architects to be able to provide qualified advice in this area, and as energy prices continue to rise and new energy concepts emerge, this particular service can only increase in importance.

As an architect, you act as an independent advisor. Viessmann is your expert partner in this work. Our information for architects is tailored precisely to your needs and perfectly combines architecture with technology.

At the core of the information we provide are our case studies, each of which takes one building in particular and examines every aspect of it in detail. The building is described extensively from the architect's point of view. The project requirements and the energy technology solutions chosen are explained clearly and engagingly. The whole is underpinned by Viessmann's comprehensive range of products and services, which sets high standards in terms of quality and efficiency: The comprehensive range from Viessmann provides tailored solutions with efficient systems for all application areas and all energy sources. The great efficiency of our innovative energy systems helps you to save costs and be ecologically responsible.

The comprehensive range from Viessmann

Technical solutions are becoming increasingly complex with an ever greater reciprocal effect on architecture and construction planning. Architects and engineers can therefore gain new design perspectives by working closely with the manufacturer. Viessmann's comprehensive range includes innovative system solutions for use in residential, commercial, industrial and municipal buildings. Our systems meet the requirements of the German Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) in every respect.

Viessmann offers tailor-made system solutions for all areas of application and all energy sources. The comprehensive range includes condensing boilers for oil or gas, CHP units with fuel cells, and CHP plants for generating heat and electricity.

The range of products that use renewables includes solar thermal systems for domestic hot water heating and central heating backup as well as photovoltaic and power storage systems for efficient self-consumption. It also includes special boilers for logs, woodchips and pellets. Furthermore, we have hybrid units, heat pumps and ice store systems that use heat from the ground, groundwater or ambient air, as well as mechanical ventilation systems.

Selected projects

German Federal Environmental Agency in Dessau

For the municipal building in Dessau, the focus was on high energy efficiency. The architects and design engineers opted for one of Germany's largest solar thermal systems with 115 Vitosol 200-T tube collectors.

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SkyTower in Bucharest

The SkyTower, which at 137 metres high is the tallest building in Romania, is an impressive sight at night with its sophisticated lighting choreography. For heat generation, a cascade heating system with three Vitomax 100-LW units is used.

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Palm Island "The Palm Jumeirah" in Dubai

On the Palm Jumeirah, Vitosol 200-F solar collectors supply 14 apartment buildings with hot water, whilst three Vitocrossal 300 boilers heat the swimming pool and hammam in the "Ottoman Palace" luxury hotel.

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Marco Polo Tower HafenCity Hamburg

In the Marco Polo Tower, hot water is supplied to the 55 metre tall building via a Viessmann solar thermal system with Vitosol 200-T collectors covering a total area of 180 square metres.

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