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The Viessmann Group sets the technological pace for the heating industry. That is what 'Viessmann' stands for, and our employees ensure that we live up to this reputation each and every day. Every year sees 25,000 visitors to the company head office site in Allendorf (Eder) or other Viessmann Group sites.

Get a fascinating insight into a leading international manufacturer of heating systems. Our trained guides will show you the Viessmann administrative and production worlds – with an informative and transparent tour.

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Viessmann Infocenter with "Galeria" and "Via Temporis" museum

The technical aspects of heating technology are becoming more complex, whilst the product range continues to expand. We established the Viessmann Academy at our company head office in Allendorf (Eder) to enable us to pass on even more knowledge about new technologies. The new Viessmann information centre comprises the Academy and energy centre, as well as the "Galeria", which houses an exhibition illustrating the essence of our brand, and the "Via Temporis" museum.

Viessmann factory I Allendorf

For apartment buildings, commercial and industrial sites, as well as for local authorities, Viessmann offers a suitable solution for any application, with heat sources for all fuel types and outputs from 1.5 to 120,000 kW. Viessmann's comprehensive range includes wall mounted condensing boilers from 1.9 to 150 kW and floorstanding condensing systems from 1.9 to 6000 kW, as well as combined heat and power units (CHP units) from 1.0 to 401 kWel or from 5.3 to 549 kWth.


Goods distribution/logistics centre

The international goods distribution centre is the hub of sales logistics and the central warehouse of the Viessmann Group for domestic and export markets.

The automated high stack warehouse with adjustable space utilisation provides up to 59,000 pallet spaces in 19 rows. Each row has an automated storage/retrieval system equipped with a telescopic fork to stock and pick merchandise. All finished goods from in-house production, as well as merchandise from suppliers, are stored here.

Stock is then transferred from here to the Viessmann regional warehouses, which prepare commissioned orders for delivery to customers. The goods distribution centre and the regional warehouses provide the delivery service for the sales offices, which all maintain a warehouse for goods to be collected.

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