Vitomax 200-RW - waste heat boiler for generating hot water

Take advantage of these benefits

  • Utilise waste heat and reduce energy costs
  • Ideal for combination with gas turbines and CHP units
  • Available with and without auxiliary combustion
  • Low radiation losses thanks to optimum thermal insulation
  • Base frame for distributing the load over a large floor area

Hot water from hot flue gases and extract air

The Vitomax 200-RS waste heat boiler generates hot water. To do this, it utilises hot flue gases from combustion processes or hot extract air from industrial production.

Under the influence of increasing energy costs, waste heat boilers are well suited to be combined with gas turbines and CHP units, since they utilise the energy in extract air and exhaust gases.

This decreases fossil fuel consumption and reduces operating costs.

There are two types of Viessmann waste heat boiler:

  • Boilers that only utilise hot flue gases and extract air
  • Conventionally fired boilers with waste heat utilisation

Which type of boiler is used depends on the individual project in question.