Gas low-temperature boiler up to 2.000 kW

Heat generation for residential and commercial premises accounts for around 40 percent of total energy consumption in western industrialized countries. At the same time, this means an enormous savings potential that should be exploited with modern heating technology. Highly efficient heating systems, including low-temperature gas boilers from Viessmann, are already in use around the world - not only in numerous households, but also in many major projects.

From historic monuments and high-performance industrial buildings to large-scale residential and commercial complexes: Viessmann always has the right innovative heating solutions ready for the most diverse challenges. By using energy reserves sustainably and sparingly, the heating systems make an active contribution to climate protection.

The picture shows the convection surface of the Vitoplex 200 and 300 low-temperature gas boilers.

Vitoplex 300 low temperature gas boiler with multi-shell convection heating surfaces

Viessmann has developed several low-temperature gas boilers for use in large buildings, commercial and industrial facilities. These include the Vitoplex 300, which, as a three-pass boiler with its proven multi-shell convection heating surfaces made of triplex tubes, offers particularly economical, low-pollution and reliable operation. The multi-shell heating surfaces of the Vitoplex 300 consist of steel tubes that are pushed into one another and pressed together to conduct heat. With its longitudinal ribs, the inner tube forms a heating surface 2.5 times larger than smooth tubes.

Heating value boilers for gas for different requirements

The diversity of the Vitoplex range, differentiated technically and in terms of price in the 300 and 200 levels, ensures that the right solution is available for every requirement and budget. They all have one thing in common: the top quality for which Viessmann is renowned. The Vitorond 200 comes into its own when difficult space conditions mean that the gas condensing boiler has to be attached to the installation site in individual parts.

Two low-temperature gas boilers in an industrial hall.

The Vitorond 200: Flexible in design

Especially in older buildings, there are often confined spaces that make installation considerably more difficult. The Vitorond 200 low-temperature gas boiler is the answer to this problem. This is because the segments of this cast-iron sectional boiler can be transported individually into the boiler room. Once all the components are in place, the low-temperature gas boiler can be easily assembled on site using a pressing tool.

Eutectoplex-heating surface for high operational reliability and long service life

The Vitorond 200 cast segments consist of a special eutectic gray iron with a homogeneous microstructure. The fine formation of the graphite lamellae and the high material purity of the low-phosphorus special gray iron increase the elasticity. The material, shape and geometry of the cast segments ensure uniform cooling in the mold during production. This prevents stresses in the structure from the outset. The result: high operational reliability and long service life.

Low-emission three-pass boiler

At the end of the combustion chamber, the combustion gases flow forward through four heating gas flues located symmetrically around the combustion chamber and then enter the four headers of the third heating gas flue via the front segment. At the rear of the boiler, the four cooled heating gas flows are directed to the chimney via the flue gas connection. The three-pass design lowers the residence time of the heating gases in the high reaction temperature range and thus reduces nitrogen oxide emissions.


Heating surface made from special cast iron

Heating surfaces made from special cast iron with lamellar graphite and low heating surface load, for high operational reliability and a long service life