Gas heating with solar thermal – efficient & future-proof

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The use of solar energy ranks among the most environmentally responsible energy conversions imaginable. In addition, the state has involved itself in investing in these kinds of systems. For the latest information on subsidy programmes, contact your local heating contractor or refer to the product information section on this website.


Using the sun to save energy

Thanks to freely available solar energy, today you can save up to 35  percent on heating costs in detached or two-family houses with a solar thermal system if you use the solar collectors both for central heating backup and DHW heating. The system can cover up to 60  percent of the annual energy demand for DHW heating.


Example: Modern detached house

Heat is generated by a gas condensing boiler and is distributed throughout the interior either by radiators or underfloor heating. In addition, a solar thermal system with an approx. 5  m² absorber area is used for DHW heating. The living area is approximately 140  m².

What are the benefits of combining gas heating with solar thermal?

Nothing is as efficient as condensing technology in the field of energy conversion – it achieves energy utilisation of up to 98 %.
High alloy stainless steel is used for all condensing boilers and heat exchangers. This guarantees high operational reliability and a long service life.
Condensing boilers from Viessmann are already prepared for the use of biogas.

Solar thermal

Solar energy is available free of charge.
A solar thermal system offers greater independence from fossil fuels.
Energy is converted without creating harmful CO₂ emissions.
A solar thermal system is the perfect addition to any heating system: it can be used for DHW heating as well as for central heating backup in spring and autumn.
All solar collectors are equipped with ThermProtect automatic temperature-dependent shutdown for high operational reliability thanks to overheating protection.

Heating convenience par excellence: Gas condensing technology from Viessmann

Vitodens 343-F gas condensing boiler

Bank on leading technology: Viessmann's advanced and highly efficient gas condensing boilers make it easy to keep warm and relax.

Viessmann offers both floorstanding and wall mounted gas condensing boilers that achieve efficiency levels of up to 98  percent in turning fuel into energy. Wall mounted gas condensing boilers are perfectly suited to be installed near the living space on account of their compact dimensions and quiet operation.

The stainless steel Inox-Radial heat exchanger combined with the MatriX gas burner ensure high energy efficiency and a high level of heating convenience for the long term. At the same time, this technology reduces heating bills and minimises emissions. Thanks to the automatic Lambda Pro Control combustion controller, Viessmann gas condensing boilers are already designed to meet future standards, as they can operate with different gas types and biogas mixtures. Consequently, they represent a futureproof and cost effective solution.