Viessmann production system

The Viessmann production system (ViPS) is a binding set of regulations for all associated companies, which describes how processes for the manufacture of products are to be designed, applied, monitored and constantly improved.

It includes relevant targets, principles, methods and tools for organising production – based on the fundamental idea of continuous improvement and synchronous processes.


Production principles

Standardisation / visualisation / tidiness and cleanliness

For the stability of production, we ensure that processes are carried out as specified. To do this, production processes are designed in such a way that deviations can be recognised immediately. Muda (waste) should be avoided and added value increased.


Qualification / training / occupational safety

We believe our employees must be highly qualified to be able to implement any of the principles of production. Ongoing training increases employee satisfaction. For this, various qualification programmes and other options are offered, not least in our academy.

Synchronous processes

Production in sync with the customer / cycled production / logistics / CIP / production control

We produce exactly what the customer requires. This applies not only to customer orders, but also to our internal processes concerning our customer-supplier relationship.

Efficient facilities

Production-oriented operating equipment

In order to be able to manufacture our products at competitive prices, we have to utilise our production facilities with the greatest efficiency possible and prevent unscheduled system downtimes. A TPM-based user and operator concept is used for this.

Fault-free products and processes

Fault prevention / fault notification / troubleshooting / auditing

"Spotlight on quality" is the ambition of all employees. Where products and processes are concerned, the aim is to achieve zero faults. This is the only way we can supply our customers with high-grade products of top quality.

Production management

Shopfloor management

Qualified employees safeguard the production process at the place of added value. This process is supported by Kaizen – continuous improvement.