Vitosol 200-FM

Flat-plate collector

High performance flat-plate collector with automatic ThermProtect overheating protection

ThermProtect absorber layer
Attractive design
Universal mounting
High levels of solar coverage
ThermProtect absorber layer

High performance Vitosol 100-FM flat-plate collector with ThermProtect switching absorber layer

Attractive design

Customised painting of frame in any RAL colour

Universal mounting

For above roof installation, flat roof installation, roof integration or façade mounting; horizontal or vertical

High levels of solar coverage

For central heating backup and DHW heating

No overheating

When outside temperatures are high or with low heat transfer

Permanently sealed

By all-round frame and seamless pane mounting

Quick and reliable connection

Through flexible, corrugated, stainless steel push-fit connectors

Vitosol 200-FM solar collector: High performance flat-plate collector with ThermProtect absorber layer

High performance Vitosol 200-FM flat-plate collectors are the perfect addition to any heating system. With an individual absorber area of 2.3 m², solar collectors can be effectively matched to any energy demand.

On average, they can replace up to 60 percent of the energy that would otherwise be required each year for DHW heating, and contribute to central heating backup. When used in conjunction with a condensing boiler, free solar energy can help you reduce your annual energy consumption for heating and DHW by over one third.

Special features of the Vitosol 200-FM

ThermProtect prevents overheating

An intelligent absorber layer protects the collectors from overheating. Viessmann's patented ThermProtect technology prevents further energy absorption once a certain temperature has been reached, when the solar cylinder is fully heated.

ThermProtect also leads to higher yields with the Vitosol 200-FM compared to conventional flat-plate collectors, as more generous sizing is possible.

Collector permanently sealed and well insulated

The all-round folded aluminium frame and seamless pane mounting ensure permanent tightness and a highly stable solar collector. The back panel is puncture-proof and corrosion-resistant. Highly effective thermal insulation reduces heat losses, particularly in spring, autumn and winter.

Collector frame with special roof integration profile for fitting the flashing frame

The Vitosol 200-FM is particularly easy to install

Integral flow and return pipes enable safe installation even of larger collector arrays using flexible, corrugated, stainless steel push-fit connectors. Up to twelve solar collectors can be easily linked together.

The flat-plate collectors can be used universally for above roof installation, roof integration and installation on collector supports, for example on flat roofs. The easy-to-assemble Viessmann fixing system consists of load-tested and corrosion-resistant components made from stainless steel and aluminium.

Attractive on any roof

The Vitosol 200-FM is the right choice if the solar collector is required with a frame in an individual RAL colour. It is finished in dark blue as standard and blends in with practically any roof. The Vitosol 200-FM, type SV2G (vertical) or type SH2G (horizontal) versions can be selected for seamless roof integration, lying almost flush with the roof cladding when installed.

Vitosol 200-FM solar collector video

Viessmann Vitosol 100-FM/200-FM and Vitosol 200-TM/300-TM solar collectors are equipped with the innovative ThermProtect overheating protection. This video explains how it works and what happens.

All Viessmann solar collectors now come with innovative ThermProtect overheating protection.

Subsidy options


Check in your country if the Vitosol collectors qualify for any subsidies or rebates.  

Product details

Gross area

2.51  m² (SV2F/SH2F), 2.56  m² (SV2G/SH2G)

Absorber area

2.32  m²

Collector type

Flat-plate collector


Dark blue frame. On request, the frame is also available in any other RAL colour.

Application area

Residential buildings, commercial enterprises, local authority premises, new build and modernisation projects

Installation type

Flat-plate collector for vertical (type SV2F) or horizontal (type SH2F) installation on flat and pitched roofs; type SV2G (vertical) and SH2G (horizontal) for roof integration.

Additional features

For heating DHW, heating water and swimming pool water via a heat exchanger

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