Viessmann water heaters for use in communities

A water heater can perform several tasks in a heating system. For example, it can store the drinking water heated by the solar thermal system until it is needed. If, on the other hand, the solar thermal system is intended to support the heating system, a heating water buffer tank can temporarily store the heating water in this way and only release it again when it is needed. Such a storage tank is, of course, not tied to solar energy. Such a storage tank also serves its purpose in combinations with other heat generators such as heat pumps, wood boilers or condensing boilers.

Viessmann hot water tank

Hot water tanks for various applications in the community sector

A hot water tank or heating water buffer tank for municipal applications is a very well thermally insulated tank filled with drinking water or heating water. However, a multivalent storage tank can also hold heated heating water and drinking water separately from each other. Mixing within the tank does not take place. A heating water buffer tank can also be extended by a fresh water module. This heats the drinking water using the instantaneous water heater principle and, thanks to its compact design, can be easily integrated into an existing heating system with heating water buffer tank.

Viessmann Vitocell storage tank program

In the Vitocell range of cylinders, you will find exactly the right DHW cylinder for your requirements. Depending on the application and the installation options, select a DHW cylinder from the extensive product range. Viessmann DHW cylinders for municipal applications are versatile in heating systems with numerous heat generators and heat consumers, thanks to multiple flow and return connections and additional connections for metering points. For larger DHW demand, several DHW cylinders (Vitocell 100-V) can be combined via manifolds to form storage batteries.
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Energy efficiency class B or A

By default, most hot water storage tanks with storage volumes requiring labeling (up to 500 liters storage capacity) achieve energy efficiency class B. Alternatively, a decision can be made between energy efficiency class A or B for selected storage tank types. Class A hot water storage tanks are thermally insulated with an additional vacuum panel and reduce heat losses and thus energy costs.

Water heater for community applications

The inner surface of the water heater is a decisive factor in the hygiene of the DHW heating. Viessmann therefore relies on two quality concepts: Ceraprotect enamelling for reliable, long-lasting protection against corrosion in the Vitocell 100 product family, and stainless steel for the highest hygienic demands in the Vitocell 300 product family.