Heating with oil - technology with up to 98 percent efficiency

By using a Viessmann condensing boiler to convert fuel oil into heat, you are making an active
contribution towards using resources efficiently and saving energy, thanks to the boiler's unbeatably high efficiency of 98 percent*.

Our oil condensing boilers come with the future built in. They are designed to accommodate a
changeover from fossil oil to fuel oil mixed with a certain percentage of bio-oil, which means that they can be run partially on renewables.

You can even use free solar energy with your new heating system. All boilers are designed for
combination with Viessmann solar technology. Viessmann system technology guarantees that
everything will fit together beautifully and work in harmony, putting you in control and meeting your every demand.

*Relative to the gross calorific value (Hs) 

How does the oil heating system work?

When oil is burned, in addition to the measurable heat (calorific value), hot exhaust gases of up to 200 degrees Celsius are produced. Depending on the composition of the heating oil used, the components of the exhaust gases vary in acidity and can damage both the oil boiler itself and the exhaust pipes including the chimney. For this reason, low-temperature oil boilers discharge the exhaust gases directly into the open air so that condensation does not occur. An oil-fired boiler with condensing technology addresses precisely this point and allows the exhaust gases to liquefy in a targeted manner. The heat of condensation released in the process is used in the heating system, thus reducing the load on the oil boiler - and on the system owner's wallet. More information on this topic can be found in the section on how oil condensing technology works.


Condensing technology also means resource efficiency

Condensing boilers extract almost all the heat contained in the flue gases and convert it additionally into heating energy. For this purpose, Viessmann condensing boilers are equipped with stainless steel Inox-Radial heat exchangers, which cool the flue gases before they are discharged into the chimney to such an extent that the water vapor they contain condenses in a targeted manner and the released heat is additionally transferred to the heating system. This increases efficiency and reduces your heating costs and environmental impact.

Inox-Radial-Wärmetauscher aus Edelstahl Rostfrei

Oil heating - efficient resource with condensing technology

Condensing boilers extract almost all of the heat contained in the flue gases and convert it into additional heating energy. To do this, Viessmann condensing boilers are equipped with stainless steel Inox-Radial heat exchangers, which cool the flue gases before they are routed into the chimney, to the extent that the water vapour contained in these gases is deliberately condensed, and the additional heat released is transferred into the heating system. Furthermore, this technology reduces heating bills and effectively minimises emissions.

Future-proof heating technology conserves resources

With an oil-fired heating system from Viessmann, you will also be at the cutting edge of technology in the future. Because ex works, the oil boilers are already prepared for a changeover from exclusively fossil oil to heating oil with a proportion of bio-oil and can thus also be operated with renewable energy sources. In this way, you actively contribute to environmental protection and also keep heating costs at a low level. A long-term final switch to regenerative fuels such as the use of environmental heat with a heat pump or biomass with a solid fuel boiler can thus be realized step by step.

A selection of solar thermal systems with which oil heating can be combined.

Oil heating with solar technology uses free solar energy

The new oil heating system can be combined with free solar energy: All boilers are designed for connection to a solar system for DHW heating or central heating backup. In bivalent operation, the solar system heats the domestic hot water and can almost completely replace the heating system during the transitional period in spring and fall.

The combination permanently reduces heating costs and also relieves the environment. In addition, with solar technology you make yourself independent of your fuel supplier to a certain extent. From the control system and spare parts to control via app: The Viessmann system technology used guarantees the interaction of all components right through to a convenient control system that leaves nothing to be desired.