Vitodens 200 – lasting efficiency

Take advantage of these benefits

  • Exemplary price/performance ratio
  • Up to 98 percent of the fuel used is converted into heat
  • Low fan speed for quiet operation
  • Compact dimensions, only 450 mm wide
  • Available either as a combi or system boiler
  • Energy efficiency class: A

With integrated or external DHW heating

The Vitodens 200‑W wall mounted gas condensing boiler is a perfect example of economy and long service life, with its stainless steel Inox-Radial heat exchanger for permanently high condensing efficiency.

The appliance consumes less energy because it also utilises the latent heat in flue gases. This reduces heating bills while also benefiting the environment.

The Vitodens 200‑W is available with either separate DHW heating (type B2HA) or an integral instantaneous water heater (type B2KA). This makes DHW and central heating available without taking up too much space.

Robust burner with a long service life

The MatriX cylinder burner is characterised by a long service life. The integral Lambda Pro Control automatically adjusts combustion to fluctuating gas types.

With Lambda Pro Control, flue gas inspection is only required once every three years. That reduces inspection fees.

During maintenance too, this gas condensing boiler saves plenty of time. All components are accessible from the front, making a side clearance for servicing unnecessary.

Gas-Brennwert-Wandgerät Vitodens 200-W

Flexibles und effizientes Gas-Brennwert-Wandgerät mit Inox-Radial-Wärmetauscher, Farb-Touch-Display und optionaler Regelung per App

Vitodens 200-W ist das ideale Gas-Brennwert-Wandgerät für die Eigentumswohnung oder das Ein- und Mehrfamilienwohnhaus. Es lässt sich problemlos in einer Nische im Badezimmer oder in einem Küchenschrank montieren.

Vitodens 200-W: Als Heiz- und Kombigerät erhältlich

Der Vitodens 200-W ist wahlweise als Heizgerät mit separater Warmwasserversorgung oder bis zu einer Leistung von 35 kW als Kombigerät mit einem integrierten Durchlauferhitzer erhältlich.

Das Plus beim Kombigerät (Typ BK2B)

Hoher Warmwasserkomfort durch Bereithaltefunktion

Das Plus beim Heizgerät (Typ B2HB)

Kostengünstige und platzsparende Lösung für hohen Wärmebedarf (bis 150 kW) Kaskadenschaltung mit bis zu sechs Heizkesseln bis 594 kW möglich


Cascade up to 900 kW

The condensing wall mounted Vitodens 200-W from 45 to 150 kW are ideal for use in multi-family houses, commercial buildings and public facilities. The Vitodens 200-W offers cost-effective and space-saving solutions - as individual units up to 150 kW or in cascade with up to 6 boilers and a heat output up to 900 kW.

Inox-Radial heat exchanger

The Vitodens 200-W is equipped with the Inox-Radial heat exchanger made of high grade stainless steel. It guarantees reliability and permanently high condensing efficiency. This also applies to the stainless steel gauze MatriX cylinder burner. 

Inox-Radial heat exchanger
MatriX cylinder burner

Environmentally responsible MatriX cylinder burner

The Lambda Pro Control Plus is the next logical step in the development of this tried and tested technology. Alongside H, E and LPG, it also automatically adjusts itself to gases from unconventional sources.

Such sources include liquid natural gas (LNG), shale gas, hydrogen generated from wind energy and photovoltaic energy, synthetic methane and mains-compatible upgraded

Product cross-section


Output (kW)
3.2 to 150 kW
Standard seasonal efficiency [to DIN]
98 % (Hs) [gross cv] / 109 % (Hi) [net cv]
Energy efficiency class
Natural gas and LPG
Application range
icon-wohngebaeude.png icon-gewerbe.png
Detached and two-family houses, apartment buildings, flats in an apartment building, commerce, new build and modernisation projects
Einfaches RGB
Vitotronic 200 control unit with plain text and graphic display, can be operated by means of the Vitotrol app
DHW heating
Boiler with additional DHW cylinder for high DHW convenience, up to 35 kW also as combi boiler without additional DHW cylinder for straightforward DHW provision
Additional features
As a multi boiler system up to 600 kW


A perfect match – System technology

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts". Following this philosophy, Viessmann supplies more than high quality, reliable and effective heating components. In fact, all products are part of a matching total concept, where all components complement one another. After all, only perfect interaction between all system components can draw out the maximum potential of our innovative leading technology.

Viessmann system technology incorporates everything you need for a reliable and economical heating system: From the Vitotronic control unit with wireless remote control, powerful Vitocell DHW cylinders for the highest DHW convenience, right up to high grade solar thermal systems for cost effective central heating backup.