Possible combination with Solar-Divicon

The Vitotrans 353 freshwater modules are outstanding when used in combination with a solar thermal system. The excellent cooling of the heating water by the plate heat exchanger in the Vitotrans 353 increases the efficiency of the solar circuit, because the cold return allows the average temperature of the solar circuit to be lowered.

Freshwater modules

Freshwater modules are used for convenient and hygienic DHW heating according to the instantaneous water heater principle. In contrast to conventional DHW cylinders, the drinking water is not used for storing thermal energy but instead is only heated when required, by means of a powerful plate heat exchanger. The energy for this DHW heating is drawn from a heating water buffer cylinder, which can be heated by a wide range of systems – by solar thermal systems, or by solid fuel boilers, conventional oil/gas boilers, heat pumps or other systems.