Vitotron 100

Electric boiler

Electric boiler with 4 to 24 kW rated output

Aesthetically pleasing
Easy to install
Heating without fossil fuels
Heat storage

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Control of the water temperature in the heating circuit

In the range from 20 to 85 °C

Automatic modulation of the heating output

According to the heat demand

Operation as part of a system

With central heating systems and DHW cylinders with heat exchangers

Weather-compensated control unit

Ensures energy efficient operation thanks to automatic adjustment to changes in outdoor temperature

24 hour and 7 day cycles

Programming of temperatures in the heated sections with the control unit

Vitotron 100 electric boiler

Heating without fossil fuels: Vitotron 100

Electric boilers are the efficient solution for decentralised heat generation in buildings without a gas connection. They are practical, safe and environmentally responsible heat generators.

Installing the Vitotron  100 electric boiler is  inexpensive and does not require a gas connection, chimney, boiler room or fuel store – a power connection is all that is needed.

Electric boilers can be used in buildings as primary heat generators as well as for central heating backup. With low running costs, the Vitotron  100 simultaneously offers a high level of user comfort and, with its frost protection function, ensures that the home does not cool down too much at very cold outside temperatures or during long absences (for example in holiday homes). These small appliances with their attractive design can be installed practically anywhere.

A modular extension kit allows the boiler to be used both for central heating and DHW. The Vitotron  100 can work with central heating systems and DHW cylinders of all types.

The Vitotron  100 comes with a 5  litre diaphragm expansion vessel and the necessary safety devices.  In combination with a DHW cylinder, it is possible to regulate the water temperature according to the daily and weekly settings, and to control a circulation pump.

Solid fuels are an inexpensive option, but not the most practical one. With solid fuel boilers, for example, fuel must be added regularly and the combustion chamber cleaned periodically. Further disadvantages are that a solid fuel boiler should not be operated unattended, and the living space may cool down during longer absences. These problems are eliminated when an electric boiler is used to generate heat. The Vitotron  100 switches on when the temperature falls below an individually set minimum temperature, allowing it to keep the room temperature in the comfort range.

Vitotron 100 in the kitchen

The use of an electric boiler in conjunction with a DHW cylinder ensures convenient and inexpensive heating with relatively low system costs. The automatic system can be controlled externally, which means that it can be used alongside a photovoltaic system, for example. This allows the boiler to be operated even more cost-effectively, as priority is given to using the free, self-generated energy from the roof. The combination of heat storage and free energy from a photovoltaic system enables very low running costs.

With the VCMG3  extension module, the system can be expanded to up to eight heating circuits.

Vitotron VCMG3 extension module

Easy to use boiler control unit

Vitotron 100: boiler control unit type VMN3

The weather-compensated control unit (type VMN3) ensures effective control and does not need to be adjusted manually. An actual efficiency level of 99.4 percent ensures energy saving operation.

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