Vitopure water softeners and purifiers – reliable companions in every household

Municipal water supplies tend to contain sediments, minerals or other substances that make the water hard and unclean. The outcome: household devices are contaminated, limescale blocks water taps and hard water has a negative impact on skin and hair. Designed in Germany,  Vitopure water filters and purifiers significantly improve the quality of your tap water. The result is purer, softened water which contributes to improving your physical well-being, refining skin and hair and increasing the cleanliness of food. Water filtration with  Vitopure products also extends the life of all appliances that use water such as dishwashers, washing machines, showers and more. With the S4 water filters series, Viessmann is going a step further: high-level filtration technology makes your tap water even drinkable.

Choosing the most suitable filters for your house or apartment

Viessmann water filters and purifiers are available as stand-alone devices or product combinations for optimum water filtration and softening. Viessmann is not only offering safe and easy basic shower and tap water filters for DIY installation but also complex filtering systems for your complete household water. Our filtering technology is so reliable that we can even offer you water filters for drinking water.

Reliable filtration

Vitopure filtration technology adopts different ways and filter combinations to guarantee that your home water is treated in the most efficient way. Viessmann is using different filters, like a highly absorbing activated carbon filter, a washable stainless steel mesh filter and the efficient KDF (Kinetic Degradation Fluxion) filter which even removes heavy metals and prevents virus or bacterial growth. Vitopure water filters and softeners work at a flow rate which is ideal for their individual purpose.

Vitopure drinking water purifiers: technology you can rely on

Viessmann water purifiers take water filtration to the next level. Our water filters are closed systems which prevent the entry of external contaminants before the filtration process even starts. Viessmann’s proficient filtration technology is using a broad variety of filter materials and techniques to clean water not only from sediments but also from heavy metals, viruses and bacteria.

Vitopure purifiers: for clean and soft household water

If you look closely at your dishes and spigots, you will sometimes see some scaling or buildup over time. A close inspection will reveal the same in your washing machine, dishwasher, and other similar appliances. All of them have one thing in common: a surface where water dried out, leaving behind a film of mineral residue. Viessmann water purifiers remove contaminants from your household water. The softening and filtering process prevents sediments, rust, algae and other particles from entering your water supply by purifying your water at the point of entry or point of use.