Vitoset Aqua

Drinking water softening system

Drinking water softening systems with 15 to 24 l/min flow rate.

Protection against scaling
Small footprint
Practically maintenance-free operation
Control via ViCare app

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Protection against scaling

in the home through treated water

Small footprint

due to compact design

Quick installation and commissioning

by a qualified contractor

Practically maintenance-free operation

with automatic regeneration of the resin cartridge

Integral flow meter and salt sensor

for safe operation

System monitoring and control

by a qualified contractor with ViGuide and by the end user with the ViCare app


Attractive and uniform Viessmann design with Lightguide

Optional accessories

protect against expensive water damage

Vitoset Aqua drinking water softening system and Vitodens 300-W wall mounted gas condensing boiler

The reliable solution for hard water areas: Vitoset Aqua

Vitoset  Aqua softening systems supply households with treated water and protect against line damage.

Vitoset Aqua products from Viessmann protect water lines and water-using devices, such as boilers, DHW cylinders and household appliances (including washing machines, dishwashers, coffee makers, steam cookers, etc.), against scaling caused by hard water. This extends their service life and significantly reduces the likelihood of expensive repairs. Simpler cleaning of sanitary facilities is a pleasant side effect.

Output categories

Vitoset Aqua water softening systems are available in two output categories (19D and 42D) with a flow rate of 15  to 24  litres per minute. The model sizes can meet various requirements at the intended installation location. For example, the smaller unit fits neatly below a wall mounted heat generator, such as the Vitodens  300-W gas condensing boiler.

Control via ViCare app and smartphone

After commissioning, the softening system can be added as another component to the free ViCare app. Users can then check the current operating condition of their Vitoset  Aqua at any time via their smartphone. For example, the app provides advance notification when new regeneration salt tablets are required. What's more, users can see the current water flow rate and receive alerts if a potential issue is detected. If the optional shut-off valve is fitted, in the event of a leak the water supply can be isolated via the ViCare app even remotely in order to protect against flooding.

Reliable operation and minimum maintenance requirement

The water softening systems operate according to the proven ion exchange process to produce softened drinking water. Water supplied by the water company flows through a resin cartridge, where it is softened and filtered. The devices' intelligent control unit monitors the condition of the resin and automatically regenerates it by rinsing with salt brine. This ensures optimum and consistent water quality. Apart from the addition of the regeneration salt tablets and the recommended annual technical inspection, practically no other maintenance is required.

Optional accessories

Optional accessories for protection against expensive water damage: shut-off valve and leak sensors

Vitoset Aqua shut-off valve and leak sensors