Vitocal 200-A heat pump - efficient and compact

Benefit from these advantages

  • Performance and equipment tailored to new construction
  • Compact dimensions for space-saving indoor installation
  • Can be combined with home ventilation system
  • Economical high-efficiency pump (energy label A)
  • Optimized use of self-generated electricity
  • Energy efficiency class A++ *
*Energy efficiency class according to EU Regulation No. 811/2013 Heating, average climate conditions - low temperature application (W35).

Takes the heat from the air

Vitocal 200-A is a compact air/water heat pump. It uses the heat contained in the air and compresses it to a flow temperature of up to 60 °C.

With an output of up to 7 kW, it is designed in particular for new build single family homes. In the warm season, Vitocal 200-A can also be operated reversibly and then provides cooling for the rooms.


Combination with home ventilation system

The Vitocal 200-A heat pump and the Vitovent 300-F domestic ventilation system are an ideal combination. The system recovers up to 98 percent of the heat from the exhaust air and returns heated fresh air to the rooms.

With a photovoltaic system, the self-generated electricity can be used to operate the heat pump and home ventilation unit.



Nominal heat output (kW)
7.5 and 10 kW
COP in heating mode
up to 3.8 (with air 2 °C/ water 35 °C)
Energy efficiency class
A++ * according to EU Regulation No. 811/2013 Heating, average climate conditions - low (35 °C) / medium temperature application (55 °C).
Application area
Single family house, new construction
Einfaches RGB
Vitotronic 200 control unit with plain text and graphic display, operation via ViCare app and Vitotrol Plus app possible
Water heating
Additional storage water heater required, thus high hot water comfort.
More features
Reversible air-to-water heat pump for heating and cooling for indoor installation. Can be combined with Vitovent 300-F domestic ventilation system.


Wärmepumpe - einfach erklärt

Die Funktionsweise einer Wärmepumpe, sowie physikalische Grundlagen einfach erklärt von unserem Experten Carsten Kuhlmann.


Woher kommt die Umgebungswärme?

Carsten Kuhlmann erklärt woher Umgebungswärme kommt und wie verschiedene Wärmepumpen-Typen diese nutzen.



Coordinated with each other: system technology

"The whole is greater than the sum of its parts." In line with this principle, Viessmann not only offers individual heating components that meet the high Viessmann standards in terms of quality, reliability and effectiveness. Rather, all products are integrated into a coordinated complete system in which all components fit together exactly. Because only the perfect interaction of system-integrated components exploits the full performance potential of innovative, cutting-edge technology.

Viessmann system technology includes everything that makes a reliable and economical heating system. The Vitotronic control unit with wireless remote control, powerful Vitocell DHW cylinders for optimum DHW convenience, and high-quality solar thermal systems for cost-saving central heating backup.