Vitocal 060-A

DHW heat pump

Attractively priced, efficient heat pump for DHW heating, prepared for solar thermal system or central heating backup (type TOS-ze); prepared for PV system for self-consumption.

High performance values
Quiet operation
Quick heat-up function
Intuitive and simple operation

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DHW heated to 62 °C

By the heat pump module at air temperatures above 3 °C

Optionally with internal indirect coil

For connecting an external heat generator or solar collectors

Easy commissioning

Due to pre-assembled appliance and preset control unit

Consume self-generated power

Thanks to preparation for optimised power consumption from photovoltaic systems

Smart Grid capability

Ready for the future

Energy efficiency class: A

Save energy with the heat pump

High performance values

In outdoor air and recirculation air mode

Quiet operation

Comparable to a refrigerator

Quick heat-up function

With immersion heater

Intuitive and simple operation

Via pre-assembled control unit

Vitocal 060-A DHW heat pump

Monoblock heat pump

The compact Vitocal  060-A monoblock heat pump is equipped with all components required for efficient DHW heating. In addition to the heat pump module, the space saving casing contains a 250  litre or 180  litre DHW cylinder and the control unit.

The Vitocal  060-A can use both outdoor air and recirculation air to heat DHW efficiently and cost effectively. It is suitable for new and existing detached houses. Ideal application areas include situations where the indoor air needs to be cooled, for example in a wine cellar or a cooled larder.

The DHW heat pump is available either without an internal indirect coil (type TOE-ze) for mono mode operation, or with an integral indirect coil (type TOS-ze) for reheating via a boiler or solar thermal system. The dry immersion heater, which is very unsusceptible to limescale, can be replaced without draining the cylinder (prefitted for type TOE-ze; accessory for type TOS-ze).

Available for recirculation air or outdoor air

The recirculation air version, Vitocal  060-A, utilises air straight from the room where it is installed. Some of the heat is extracted from the air that is drawn in and raised by the heat pump to a useful temperature level (up to 62  °C in heat pump only mode). Humidity is extracted from the rooms, thus protecting the fabric of the building and improving quality of life for all concerned.

With the aid of the outdoor air adaptors (included in the standard delivery), the Vitocal  060-A can easily be converted to outdoor air mode. It operates efficiently down to an outside temperature of -5  °C. Depending on the ductwork used for the outdoor air and exhaust air, the Vitocal  060-A can be installed in rooms with a ceiling height of 2  metres or more.

Variably adjustable control unit

The Vitocal  060-A is preset at the factory and is therefore immediately ready for operation. However, these settings can be changed individually via the programming unit of the control unit. For example, various operating programs can be set –– Eco, Auto, Boost or Holidays –– or the time program for DHW heating can be changed.

In addition, the draw-off profile can be changed from L to XL by an authorised contractor if more hot water is required.

KEYMARK certified

The Viessmann Vitocal  060-A is Heat Pump KEYMARK certified.

Product details

Output (kW)

1.3  kW


3.1 at air 15  °C/water 55  °C, draw-off profile L

Energy efficiency class


Application area

Detached houses, skilled trade businesses, commercial enterprises, new build and modernisation projects

DHW heating

178/254/251  litre DHW cylinder

Additional features

Installation: floorstanding, indoor

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