Vitocal 350-A

Air source heat pump

Air source heat pump for indoor and outdoor installation.

Rated heating output: 12.7 to 20.6 kW
Flow temperature up to 65 °C
Ideal for modernisation
Low operating noise

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Rated heating output

12.7 to 20.6 kW

High flow temperature

Up to 65 °C

Low running costs due to high COP

Coefficient of performance to EN 14511 of up to 4.0 (A7/W35)

Low operating noise

Due to radial fan, sound-optimised appliance design and night mode with reduced fan speed

High efficiency at every operating point due to RCD system

Refrigerant cycle diagnostic system in conjunction with electronic expansion valve

Mono mode operation possible

With a heating output of 12.7 to 20.6 kW for heating and DHW

Matching product accessories

For quick and easy hydraulic connection

Energy statement

Integrated in the appliance

Efficient defrosting

Through refrigerant circuit reversal

Easy to use Vitotronic control unit

With plain text and graphic display

Telecontrol and remote monitoring

Enables connection to Vitocom 100 and Vitocom 300

Cascade of five appliances possible

Up to 92.5 kW output

Optional installation of an instantaneous heating water heater

For heat pumps installed indoors

Web-enabled by Vitoconnect

With control via ViCare app (accessory)

With very high flow temperatures of up to 65 °C, the Vitocal 350-A is particularly suitable for modernisation or when a high level of DHW convenience is required.

The Vitocal  350-A air source heat pump is ideal for modernisation thanks to flow temperatures of up to 65  °C

The Vitocal  350-A air source heat pump with a rated heating output from 12.7 to 20.6  kW is particularly suitable for modernisation projects. Thanks to enhanced vapour injection in the compression process (EVI cycle), flow temperatures as high as 65  °C can be achieved –– even at wintry outside temperatures. This means the Vitocal  350-A is also highly suitable for installation in older heating systems with radiators. To raise efficiency, we recommend replacing individual radiators with ultra-low temperature ones.

The Vitotronic  200 control unit has an integral cascade function for up to five air source heat pumps. Heating outputs of up to 92.5  kW are therefore possible to cover high heat demands.

Depending on the system configuration, a higher flow temperature enables a water temperature of up to 55  °C inside the DHW cylinder. This allows the Vitocal  350-A to deliver a particularly high level of DHW convenience. The Vitocal  350-A achieves a high flow temperature of 65  °C even at outside temperatures of -10  °C.

The electronic expansion valve and the RCD (refrigerant cycle diagnostic) system ensure an extremely high level of efficiency for the Vitocal  350-A all year round. It delivers a high COP of up to 4.0 (to EN  14511 at A7/W35). This results in a high annual coefficient of performance and very low running costs.

The Vitocal  350-A can be installed either indoors or outdoors. The heat pump's three-stage radial fan operates particularly quietly. In addition, the flow-optimised air ducts and the sound insulated casing also make the Vitocal  350-A extremely quiet. During night operation the multi stage fan control unit reduces the fan speed, and thus noise emissions, even further.

The EHPA Quality Label serves as proof of the COP (coefficient of performance).  The German EHPA Quality Label Committee has confirmed that Viessmann's Vitocal  350-A heat pump meets EHPA Quality Label requirements.

  • Air source heat pump, mono mode with heating output from 12.7 to 20.6  kW for DHW and central heating
  • Flow temperature: up to 65  °C
  • Low running costs thanks to high COP (coefficient of performance) to EN  14511 of up to 4.0 (A7/W35)
  • Low operating noise through radial fan, sound-optimised appliance design and night mode with reduced fan speed
  • Energy efficiency class: A++ / A+  (with rated heating output: 12.7  kW) or A+ / A+ (with rated heating output: 16.7 and 20.6  kW)

    *Energy efficiency class in accordance with Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) No  811/2013 for heating, average climatic conditions –– low (35  °C) / medium (55  °C) temperature applications

The integrated range of solutions for the Vitocal 350-A

Benefit from the value added services and digital services of Viessmann's integrated range of solutions.

ViCare app

The ViCare app provides intuitive heating control. Green for go – the user can see at a glance in the app whether their heating system is working as it should.

More about the ViCare app

ViGuide app

ViGuide is an app for trade partners. It has numerous functions for monitoring and controlling systems in both detached houses and apartment buildings and provides rapid access to Technical Service.

More about the ViGuide app


The Vitoconnect is the interface between boiler and app – the prerequisite for heating system operation via smartphone and tablet. It also provides remote system maintenance capability for contractors using the Vitoguide app.

More about the Vitoconnect

Video: Where does environmental energy come from?

Carsten Kuhlmann explains where environmental energy originates and how various types of heat pumps make use of it.

Operating convenience

Clear, convenient, intelligent: the Vitotronic offers perfect functionality for fast and precise control of any heating system.


The heat pump is conveniently controlled via Vitoconnect for connection to the internet and operation via the ViCare app.

Vitotronic 200

Product details

Rated heating output (kW), operating point A7/W35 (to EN 14511)

Type AWHO/AWHI 351.A10: 12.7  kW | type AWHO/AWHI 351.A14: 16.7  kW | type AWHO/AWHI 351.A20: 20.6  kW

Coefficient of performance ε (COP) A7/W35

Type AWHO/AWHI 351.A10: 4.0 | type AWHO/AWHI 351.A14: 3.8 | type AWHO/AWHI 351.A20: 3.4

Energy efficiency class*

12.7  kW: A++ / A+ | 16.7 and 20.6  kW: A+ / A+

* In accordance with Commission Delegated Regulation (EU) No  811/2013 for heating, average climatic conditions –– low temperature application (35  °C) / medium temperature application (55  °C)


Energy efficiency class, DHW heating


Application area

Detached houses, new build and modernisation projects


Vitotronic 200 control unit with plain text and graphic display; can be operated via the ViCare app

DHW heating

Additional DHW cylinder required, resulting in a high level of DHW convenience.

Additional features

Particularly suitable for modernisation projects through 65  °C flow temperature, even at low outside temperatures in winter.

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