Vitocal 161-A

DHW heat pump

Attractively priced DHW heat pump for recirculation or extract air mode, with option of internal indirect solar coil and solar control unit for connecting flat-plate and tube collectors

Output: 1.7 kW
Cylinder capacity: 300 litres
Quick heat-up function
Easy commissioning

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DHW heating

to 65 °C via heat pump module

Easy commissioning

through fully wired system and preset control unit

Quick heat-up function

with optional immersion heater

Energy efficiency class: A

Save energy with the heat pump

Consume self-generated power

Prepared for optimised utilisation of photovoltaic power on site

Independently of any other heating equipment, the Vitocal 161-A DHW heat pump heats domestic hot water, inexpensively and efficiently, by utilising heat from the room.

Compact Vitocal 161-A heat pump for efficient DHW heating

The compact Vitocal 161‑A heat pump is equipped with all components required for efficient DHW heating. The space efficient casing houses the heat pump module, as well as a 300  l DHW cylinder, plus the control unit.

The Vitocal 161‑A utilises indoor air to heat DHW economically.  It is as suitable for detached houses as for smaller commercial enterprises. Ideal application areas include bakeries and situations where the indoor air needs to be cooled (for example in a wine cellar or a cooled larder).

As an option, the heat pump may be supplied without internal indirect coil for mono mode operation or with integral indirect coil for use in a dual mode heating system, for example in combination with a solar thermal system.

For either recirculation or extract air

The recirculation air version, Vitocal 161-A, utilises air straight from the room where it is installed. Part of the heat from the air that is drawn in is extracted and raised by the heat pump to a useful temperature level (up to 65  °C for increased DHW hygiene). Moisture is extracted from the interior, protecting the fabric of the building and improving quality of life for all occupants.

By replacing the recirculation air cover with an extract air cover (accessory), the Vitocal 161-A can also be used as an extract ventilation unit with heat recovery. The warm extract air is removed from rooms such as the bathroom or kitchen via ducts. This air is then dehumidified and any pollutants are removed.

Product details


1.7  kW


3.1  at  A15/W10-55 (XL) to EN 16147

Energy efficiency class


Application area

Detached houses as well as smaller commercial enterprises, new build and modernisation projects

DHW heating

300  litre DHW cylinder

Additional features

Extract air version with maximum flow rate of 300  m³/h

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