Energycal LSQ

Modular Heatpump

Air source heat pump with modular concept for commercial applications

Heating output 20, 30 & 45 kW
Heating only, easy to install and operate
Cascade up to 16 units
Built in interface for remote monitoring

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Heating output

20, 30 & 45 kW

Easy to install

Quick connections and built in circulation pump

Easy to use

Heating only, with intuitive controller

Easy to service

One refrigerant circuit design for all 3 types, with R407c

System control

Can be integrated into BMS with the inbuilt MODBus interface

Modular arrangement

for higher outputs

Compact dimensions

for space saving outdoor installation

Energy saving

EEV and variable speed DC fan as standard

Robust design

epoxy baked paint for corrosion protection

Energycal LSQ Modular Heatpump

Energycal LSQ: Air source heat pump for large residential and commercial applications

The Energycal LSQ is a compact air source heat pump for DHW and heating. The units are designed to be mounted hard-up against each other reducing the space required, and creating a seamless multi-circuit heat pump. The cascade can consist of machines of different capacities, and therefore can be matched optimally to user requirements. The machines run extremely quiet over a wide range of operating conditions.


Upto 16 units in a cascade. Efficient across the entire operating range.  

A multi circuit heat pump system can be set up to optimally match user requirements by connecting up to 16 units in cascade. What’s more, the units need not be of the same capacity and the entire cascade is controlled by a single controller. The Variable Speed DC Fan is controlled by ambient air and leaving water temperature. The evaporator performance therefore closely matches compressor capacity at all time, and in conjunction with an electronic expansion valve ensuring highest performance factors with low consumption values.


Product details

Nominal heating output

MF Version: 20, 30 & 45 kW; MFG Version: 34 kW 

Maximum flow temperature

MF Version: Upto 65°C, MFG Version: Upto 75°C  

Ambient operating temperature

MF Version: -5 to 40°C, MFG Version: -5 to 55°C

Compressor type




Expansion valve


Heat exchanger

Shell & Tube

Energycal LSQ with Thermocube

The Energycal LSQ heatpumps optimally pair with Thermocube heat storage to provide a safe, scalable and cost effective solution for instantaneous hot water production for a diverse range of applications.  Learn more about the Thermocube.