Vitocal 060-A - Hot water from the air


Benefit from these advantages

  • High performance values in fresh air and recirculation mode
  • Low-noise operation, comparable to a refrigerator
  • Pre-assembled control unit for intuitive operation
  • Quick heating with electric heating element
  • Prepared for consumption of self-generated electricity from photovoltaic systems
  • Energy efficiency class: A


Efficient water heating

The compact Vitocal 060-A heat pump in monoblock design is equipped with all components for efficient DHW heating. In addition to the heat pump module, the space-saving housing contains a 250-liter DHW cylinder and the control unit.

Alternatively, it is available with an integrated tubular coil heat exchanger for reheating via a boiler or solar system. Both models are prepared for operation with self-generated electricity from a photovoltaic system.

Vitocal 060-W, it is suitable for single-family homes in new and existing buildings. An ideal application is the necessary cooling of room air, for example in a wine cellar or food storage room.

Available as recirculation and exhaust air variant

As a recirculation version, the Vitocal 060-A uses the air from the room in which it is installed. Part of the heat is extracted from it and raised to a temperature level of up to 62 °C by the heat pump. This also removes moisture from the rooms - protecting the building fabric and increasing the quality of living.

A corresponding adapter is already included in the scope of delivery for conversion to outdoor air operation. Vitocal 060-A operates efficiently down to an outside temperature of -5 °C. The DHW heat pump can be installed in rooms with a ceiling height of two meters or more.

Product cross-section


Power (kW)
1,3 kW
3.1 at air 15 °C/water 55 °C, tapping profile L
Energy efficiency class
Application area
Single-family house, craft and commercial enterprises, new construction and modernization
Water heating
254/251 liter hot water tank
More features
Installation: floor standing, indoor
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