Vitocal 161-A - Hot water from the exhaust air


Benefit from these advantages

  • Attractively priced heat pump for water heating
  • 300-liter storage tank with attached control system
  • Water temperature up to 65 °C
  • Can be combined with a solar system
  • Optimized use of self-generated electricity
  • Energy efficiency class: A

Energy-saving and hygienic hot water preparation

Vitocal 161-A is a compact heat pump for DHW heating. To do this, it extracts the heat contained in the room air and heats the water in the 300-liter cylinder.

It is just as suitable for the single-family home as it is for the smaller commercial business. Ideal applications are bakeries where room air needs to be cooled.

The usable water temperature can be raised up to 65 °C for increased drinking water hygiene.

Available as recirculation and exhaust air variant

With the recirculation variant, heat is only extracted from one room. With the exhaust air variant, Vitocal 161-A uses the warm exhaust air from other rooms, such as the bathroom or kitchen, via ducts. For this, only the cover needs to be replaced.

For short-term water heating, the unit can also be equipped with an electric heating insert.

Product cross-section


Power (kW)
with domestic hot water heating from 15 to 45 °C and 15 °C air temperature: 1.67 kW
3.7 according to EN 255 (at air 15 °C/water 15-45 °C)
Energy efficiency class
Application area
Single family house, new construction
Water heating
Hot water temperature with heat pump up to 65 °C
Hot water temperature with heat pump up to 65 °C
Prepared for optimized consumption of self-generated electricity from photovoltaics.
Produktschnitt Warmwasser-Wärmepumpe Vitocal 161-A