Vitocontrol HS

Modular control cabinet

The Viessmann Vitocontrol HS automation solution is a system controller for industrial steam systems.

Predictive maintenance
Energy monitoring
Touchscreen for status display
Quick integration through flexible interfaces

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Flexible customised control solution

Such as programmable logic controller (PLC)

Selectable modules

Range of functions can be extended at any time

Flexible connection to control or visualisation systems

Through various bus interfaces, Ethernet or Profinet

Only one controller required

For boilers and system components

Analysis and evaluation of readings and consumption values

Provides security for optimum, efficient operation

Information about incorrect, uneconomical operating modes

Possible wear is detected early on

Rapid commissioning

Through individual configuration and intuitive user interface via colour touchscreen

Central display of system status

And other relevant information (customer-specific)

The benchmark for automation and control technology

The Viessmann Vitocontrol HS automation solution is a system controller for industrial steam systems. Intelligent networking and transparent system management ensure viable and efficient operation.

Predictive maintenance

Measured values and consumption figures are analysed and evaluated in order to flag up and quickly remedy incorrect operation and inefficiencies (predictive maintenance). This allows for early detection of possible signs of wear.

Besides predictive maintenance, the Vitocontrol HS provides continuous transparency of power and energy data from the grid connection point to the steam system through energy monitoring. Viessmann thereby meets the statutory requirements for continuous improvement of the energy balance in production in accordance with EN ISO 50001.

Vitocontrol HS energy monitoring

Users can quickly check the system status at any time on the home screen. Specific system information can be displayed whenever and wherever they choose via the internet.

Vitocontrol HS home screen

Viessmann also supports system users online on request via remote maintenance, remote service and telephone support.

Vitocontrol HS being used with a Viessmann double flame tube boiler

The status of each component in the entire system can be selected at different levels by tapping the touchscreen. Detailed information on operating states, temperatures or current output is shown. A password-protected menu level allows only authorised individuals to access the configuration.

Vitocontrol HS touchscreen

Flexible customised control solutions are available through selectable modules. The functionality of the PLC control system can then also be subsequently extended at any time.

Thanks to a large number of commonly used interface modules, the Vitocontrol HS controller can be integrated into, or connected to, existing building or energy management systems.

Most information can be accessed directly from the freely configurable menu.