Vitocell 100-E

Heating water buffer cylinder

Cylinder for storing heating water with a cylinder capacity of 46 to 2000 litres (photo: type SVPB in Vitopearlwhite with 750 litre capacity).

Low heat losses
Vitotrans 353 freshwater module
Available in Vitosilver and Vitopearlwhite
Energy efficiency class B

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Low heat losses

Thanks to highly effective all-round thermal insulation

Vitotrans 353 freshwater module available as an accessory

For hygienic DHW heating according to the instantaneous water heating principle

Vitotrans 353 can also be installed on the cylinder

For cylinders with 400, 600, 750 and 950 litre capacity

Available in Vitosilver and Vitopearlwhite

Available in Vitosilver and Vitopearlwhite (as Vitocell 100-W), except for 1500 and 2000 litre sizes (only in Vitosilver)

Energy efficiency class B

Type SVPA (400 litres), type SVWA (200 litres) and type SVPA (46 litres)

Vitocell  100-E –– cylinder for storing heating water

The Vitocell 100-E is a versatile heating water buffer cylinder, available in numerous versions. Subject to version, it can be combined in parallel with multiple heat generators and heat consumers. This is ensured, among other things, by multiple flow and return connections as well as additional connections for measuring points. The Vitocell 100-E is particularly suitable in conjunction with solar thermal systems, heat pumps and solid fuel boilers.

The Vitocell  100-E heating water buffer cylinder is available with different cylinder capacities. The Vitocell 100-E type SVPB with a cylinder capacity of up to 2000  litres is ideal for high heating demand. To increase the volume of heat pump heating systems, on the other hand, type SVP/SVPA with only 46  litres for wall mounting is more suitable.

Product details

Cylinder capacity
  • Type SVPA: 46  litres
  • Type SVWA: 200  litres
  • Type SVPB: 600, 750, 950, 1500 and 2000  litres
Energy efficiency class
  • Type SVPA, 400  litres: B
  • Type SVPA, 46  litres: B
  • Type SVWA, 200  litres: B
Product cross-section Vitocell 100-E type SVPB (950 litres)