Economic energy systems for hotels and hospitality industry

High heating comfort for your guests, while keeping energy costs as low as possible? Benefit from the technological edge of a leading international manufacturer of energy systems with experience of numerous systems installed in hotels.

We will find the right heating for your hotel

We check your energy requirements and show you various ways of using the energy you have in a sustainably efficient way so that your guests feel comfortable with real cost advantage.

Customized concepts reduce energy costs

Customized concepts reduce energy costs

The heat and energy supply in hotels places very special demands on the technology. Extreme peak loads and a year-round high demand for heat and electricity cause corresponding energy costs. With proper planning and skilfull combination, our customized concepts reduce these costs. Because our modern heating systems know only two directions: Comfort up, costs down.

In addition, guests expect a reliable supply of heat and hot water around the clock. Optimum energy management is therefore indispensable if costs are to be kept under control. With its integrated solutions for all energy sources and consumption levels, Viessmann offers a unique selection and combination option. This results in pioneering, highly efficient energy systems that not only ensure cost-optimized use of fuels, but also the highest possible security of supply.

Thinking within the system: This is how comprehensive, future-proof energy concepts are created

Generating electricity and heat at the same time, utilizing waste heat, heating and cooling with one system - Viessmann always gets a picture of the overall energy situation on site. This is the only reason why we can offer individually tailored solutions that are exemplary in terms of energy and environmental performance.

The benefits from a customized heating system from Viessmann

Tailor-made concept for your hotel's heat demand: Vitobloc 200_EM-401 combined heat and power unit.
  • High operational reliability: All components are optimally matched to each other for long-lasting, reliable operation
  • Energy efficiency: cost reduction through better use of the energy employedAdditional cooling function: "natural cooling" with heat pump for perfect climate at any time of the year
  • Self-power supply: For economical electricity cost optimization
  • Improved eco-balance: CO₂ reduction as a competitive advantage

With the right partner by your side, things become easier

We check your energy needs and show you the various ways to use the energy you use efficiently - sustainable and future-oriented - the way only a true full-service provider can. Then we recommend a partner who is a perfect fit for you. A true specialist who knows the requirements of the hospitality industry and has extensive experience in the heat supply you need.

Here's how to take advantage of our free expert advice:

  1. Contact us to schedule an appointment with one of our hospitality specialists.
  2. We will come by and take enough time to analyze your current situation and the requirements for your heat and energy needs.
  3. We will show where and how your system can be improved, what savings opportunities you have and what a future-proof solution might look like.
  4. We will find the right partner for you, who will carry out a modernization professionally and who will provide you with reliable and cost-conscious support.


Onomo Hotel Casablanca, Morocco

Onomo Hotel Casablanca, Morocco

Onomo hotels, an innovative African brand offering a new bold, responsible and affordable hotel proposition geared towards clientele from across Africa and the world. Environmental friendliness is a key proposition of the Onomobrand, towards this the buildings are adapted the ensure optimum use of renewable energies, natural daylight, local material and recyling technologies. On the property in Casablanca, domestic hote water is generated using 20 pieces of Vitosol 100 FM collectors with 6 pieces of Vitocal 350-A heat pumps as a back up.

Hilton The Pearl Residences, Qatar

Situated at the entrance of the Pearl in the Abraj Quartier in Doha, the property offers a mix of quality serviced apartments, from studio units to expansive three bedroom apartments. Domestic hot water to the 413 room in the tower is supplied by 3 pieces of cascade connected Vitoplex 200 gas fired boilers.

Hilton The Pearl Residences, Qatar