Residential complexes as an essential component of the energy transition

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In the achievement of climate policy goals, decentralised energy supply plays a central role for both the energy and housing industries in the development of residential complexes. Large building complexes or even entire districts can be supplied with energy in an environmentally responsible way by combining heat and power generation and using renewable energies. Especially for sustainable portfolio management, it is important to provide heating at affordable costs. Viessmann offers the right solutions for the various challenges faced by the specialist industries.

Viessmann: solution provider for energy generation in residential complexes

Viessmann is your reliable partner for highly efficient solutions for residential complexes: from the concept phase and detailed planning right through to implementation, everything from a single source. Energy supply and service contracts round off the business model and ensure long-term customer loyalty in the core business.

As a comprehensive supplier of energy systems, Viessmann offers all the necessary components for a networked system. The company supplies suitable system solutions and it designs and implements the systems, including all raw material and operations management. This also includes studies to examine the feasibility of concepts and their economic viability, as well as to procure funding for the expansion of heating networks.

Reference projects for solutions for residential complexes

Stuttgart Rosenstein in Stuttgart, Germany

Stuttgart Rosenstein in Stuttgart has an impressive forward-looking heating and cooling concept based on innovative technology. To implement it, the client and energy planners opted for system components from Viessmann. Their perfect interaction makes it possible for the required heating energy and some of the electrical energy to be obtained directly from within the residential complex itself.

The heart of the heating centre is a CHP unit that uses the principle of cogeneration to simultaneously generate heat and power. The heat generated in this way is used for space heating and domestic hot water heating. Mechanical energy is converted directly into electricity and used to drive the heat pump, among other things.

Viessmann combined heat and power unit

An ice energy store serves as a thermal store

The ice store consists of a tank with built-in heat exchangers that is buried in the ground outdoors and filled with ordinary tap water. Special solar air absorbers are installed on the roof of the house. These draw heat from the ambient air and from solar radiation and feed it to the storage unit. The ice store also draws energy directly from the ground. The heat pump extracts the energy required for central heating and DHW heating from the water stored in the tank as needed. If the temperature in the tank falls to freezing point, more energy is obtained from the water freezing – hence the term "ice store". At the end of the heating season, ice is selectively formed which is then available as a cooling source for keeping the building cool on hot days. The change of physical state in regeneration mode can be repeated as often as required: the technology is virtually maintenance free. The energy technology package is used as a contracting model.

Stadtwerke Güstrow GmbH – heat and power for 500 households

Two Vitocrossal 200 gas condensing boilers cover the peak load

Edgar Föniger, Managing Director, and Hans Hall, Head of Department, for district heating/central control technology for Stadtwerke Güstrow GmbH: "When expanding our district heating system, energy-efficient and environmentally responsible supply is our top priority. That's why we operate the combined heat and power units with bio natural gas. Decentralised CHP offers significantly higher efficiency and an excellent primary energy factor compared to separate heat and power production."

Stadtwerke Güstrow GmbH supplies a housing association with heat and power from two Vitobloc 200 CHP units. Two Vitocrossal 200 gas condensing boilers ensure the heat supply during peak loads. The combined heat and power units supply enough heat and power for 500 households. The modules are operated with bio natural gas within the framework of the Renewable Energy Sources Act 2012.