Tailor-made system solutions for commerce and industry

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With the amendment to the Climate Protection Act in August 2021, the German Federal Government tightened the climate protection targets and confirmed the goal of greenhouse gas neutrality by 2045. By 2030, emissions need to already be reduced by 65  percent compared to 1990. To achieve these goals in Germany, energy efficiency must be improved and the use of renewable energies and CO2  neutral solutions must be increased. In the commercial and industrial sector, CO2  neutrality does not just mean climate-neutral production and processes. It also concerns the entire supply chain and the downstream use of products.

Comprehensive support for multivalent energy centres in commerce and industry

Complex multivalent energy centres are subject to a multitude of specifications nowadays. Not only is clean, efficient energy provision essential but also high operational reliability and system availability. With tailor-made decentralised heating and energy systems based on renewable energies, Viessmann supplies the right system solution for every requirement.

Solutions for commercial and industrial applications

Vitoplex 300 low temperature boiler

Providing the right solutions for the stringent requirements and demands on energy centres for commerce and industry includes optimally matching components and systems. In addition, Viessmann offers an extensive range of services – from planning and project support to servicing following system installation. The product range includes different energy sources and output stages as well as project-specific adaptations.

You can find detailed information in the section "Efficient energy systems for industry and commerce".

Solutions for the hotel and hospitality industry

Room 108 at the Hotel Sonne in Frankenberg

The heat and energy supply in the hotel and hospitality industry places very special demands on technology. Extreme peak loads and high heat and power requirements throughout the year have a significant impact on energy costs. Optimised energy management is therefore essential. With Viessmann's comprehensive solutions, the heat and energy supply is planned and implemented just as comprehensively.

Detailed information on cost-efficient project implementation with Viessmann at Energy systems for the hotel and hospitality industry.

Database of reference projects – Viessmann as project partner

To gain a first impression of the various projects that Viessmann has followed and supported, it is best to use our database of reference projects. It will give you detailed information about the projects' planning and implementation, together with the systems' technical details. Among other things, you can filter by application area and the energy sources of systems to gather initial ideas for your own project.