New business fields for power supply utilities and energy service providers

The conditions governing the energy industry are changing fundamentally as the energy transition is implemented: an increasingly decentralised energy supply will shape the market of the future. Consumers are placing greater demands on a convenient, efficient energy supply. The energy services markets will undergo dynamic reforms that will require new business models. For power supply utilities and energy service providers, this creates opportunities to further develop existing business areas and establish new ones.

To secure the core business of energy supply, it is increasingly necessary to offer energy services. In the marketing of products and services in the field of energy efficiency, the cooperation of power supply utilities with market partners such as appliance and system manufacturers as well as with the specialised trade is of particular importance. Many power supply utilities are already active in the service market or will become more involved in the future. The energy services market can therefore be classified as a growth market overall.

Viessmann – your reliable partner

Viessmann is your reliable partner when it comes to customer-centric systems and services relating to energy efficiency:

  • Decentralised electricity and heating systems
  • Landlord-to-tenant electricity supply models
  • Electric mobility
  • Energy independence
  • Urban energy solutions
  • Virtual power stations
  • Direct marketing of renewables
  • Energy management systems

Take advantage of these benefits

  • Safeguarding the core business of energy supply
  • Development of new business areas to compensate for declining revenues from energy sales
  • Strengthening of customer loyalty and acquisition of new customers
  • Presentation as a service company
  • Image gain and increased public acceptance through visible contribution to climate protection
  • Differentiation from the competition through the development of energy expertise and the use of synergy potentials