Economical energy systems for the hotel and hospitality industry

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Room 108 in the Hotel Sonne

Are you looking for high heating convenience for your guests, coupled with the lowest possible energy costs? Benefit from the technical innovation of a leading international manufacturer of energy systems. And from the experience of numerous systems installed in hotels.

We'll find the right heating for your hotel

We check your energy needs and show you various ways to use the energy input efficiently and sustainably. So that your guests feel comfortable –– and you have a real cost advantage over the competition.

Optimal energy consumption in your hotel thanks to comprehensive solutions

A specific heating system is not always the optimum solution. The requirements in the hotel industry are too varied and too complex for this. It's good to have a partner at your side who is a truly comprehensive supplier when it comes to heat supply. Often, an even better energy balance can be achieved with the right combination.

Customised design concepts reduce energy costs

The heat and energy supply in hotels places very special demands on technology. Extreme peak loads and a high demand for heat and electricity all year round result in equally high energy costs. Correctly designed and skilfully combined, our customised concepts reduce these costs. Because our advanced heating systems know only two directions: convenience up, costs down!

Guests expect a reliable supply of heat and domestic hot water around the clock. Optimal energy management is therefore indispensable if you want to keep costs under control. With its integrated range of solutions, Viessmann offers a unique choice and combination of options for all energy sources and consumption levels. This results in ground-breaking, highly efficient energy systems that not only ensure cost-optimised use of fuels, but also the highest possible security of supply.

Thinking in systems – that's how holistic, futureproof energy concepts are created

Generating power and heat at the same time, utilising waste heat, heating and cooling with a single system – Viessmann always gets a picture of the overall energy situation on site. This is how we can offer individually tailored solutions that are exemplary in terms of energy and environmental balance.

Viessmann heating systems can be conveniently controlled via tablet or PC

Efficient energy management also includes simple operation. The Vitotronic control system with communication capability is an electronic management system for economical and reliable operation of the heating system. Everything under control, thanks to Viessmann.

Your benefits with a customised heating system from Viessmann

Tailor-made concept for your hotel's heat demand: Vitobloc 200_EM-401 CHP unit
  • High operational reliability: All components are optimally matched to each other for long term, reliable operation
  • Energy efficiency: cost reduction through better use of the energy spent
  • Additional cooling function: natural cooling with  heat pump  for the perfect room climate in every season
  • Self-generated power supply: for economic optimisation of electricity costs
  • Improved life cycle assessment: CO2 reduction as a competitive advantage

Having the right partner at your side makes many things easier

We check your energy needs and show you the different ways to use the energy input efficiently, sustainably and in a futureproof manner – as only a truly comprehensive supplier can. After that, we will recommend a partner who is a perfect match for you. A true specialist who knows the requirements in the hospitality industry and who brings extensive experience to the heat supply you require.

So take advantage of our free expert advice.

  1. Get in touch with us and make an appointment with one of our specialists for the hotel industry.
  2. We'll come out to you and take the time to analyse your current situation and the requirements for your heat and energy demand.
  3. We'll show you where and how your system can be improved, what potential savings you have and what a futureproof solution could look like.
  4. We'll find the right partner for you to carry out your modernisation professionally and provide you with reliable and cost-conscious support.



Palm Island "The Palm Jumeirah" in Dubai

On the Palm Jumeirah, Vitosol 200-F solar collectors supply 14 apartment buildings with hot water, whilst three Vitocrossal 300 boilers heat the swimming pool and hammam in the "Ottoman Palace" luxury hotel.

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Hotel Parador, Alcalá de Henares, Spain: historic charm meets contemporary hotel comfort.

The Spanish Parador Hotels are stylish establishments that are not only usually located in historically significant places but are often housed in historic buildings themselves. A prime example is the Parador Hotel in Alcalá de Henares, Spain. Here, two Vitocrossal  300  gas condensing boilers provide an efficient heating supply. Domestic hot water is provided by 80  Vitosol  200-TM  vacuum tube collectors, supported at peak times by a Vitoplex  300  low temperature boiler.

The ideal place to relax and unwind: the Lagorai Alpine Resort & Spa, Italy.

In a secluded location, the Lagorai Alpine Resort & Spa overlooks the Fiemme Valley near Cavalese. It's not difficult to feel at home and in harmony with nature here. This is also guaranteed by the Vitoflex  300-RF wood boiler, which provides pleasant, cosy warmth in the rooms and spa. The fully automatic wood boiler with rotation combustion has an output of 400  kilowatts and can be fed with either pellets, wood chips or wood shavings.

Hotel Edelweiß, Tel in South Tyrol, Italy: full attention to detail and luxurious home comforts for relaxed holidays.

In the family-run Alphotel Edelweiß, a Vitoplex  300 low temperature boiler supplies the 54  premium rooms and the wellness oasis plus indoor pool with heating energy and domestic hot water.

Hotel Pegasos, Kemer, Turkey: delightful swimming and wellness facilities for more than 700  rooms.

What would a holiday hotel be without a pool, and a Turkish hotel without a hammam? The  Vitorond  200 low temperature cast iron boiler reliably supplies the hotel complex with the necessary heating energy.

Victor's Residenz-Hotel, Saarbrüücken, Germany: French charm meets German cosiness.

A total of 45  powerful Vitosol flat-plate collectors for the hot water supply are the ideal supplement to the heating system that consists of two gas condensing boilers.