Vitowell electric storage and instant water heaters

Vitowell  electric water heaters take household water heating to a whole new level in terms of durability, safety and heating precision. The Viessmann Ceratech Technology® guarantees maximum pressure and corrosion resistance of the water tank. ELCB (earth-leakage circuit breaker) technology, compliance with international water-proofing standards and high-level temperature control assure safety and precision.

Safe hot water

Relaxing under a hot shower or taking a hot bath is the perfect end to an agitated day.  Vitowell electric water heaters heat your water not only efficiently but in particular safely. Viessmann ELCB technology assures safety against electrical hazards: mechanical or electronic circuit breakers react immediately to any possible electrical leakage. International ingress protection (IP) codes testify that  Vitowell heaters are highly water-proof. Our instantaneous heaters are equipped with anti-scald protection for a most comfortable hot water experience.

Precise heating

When using hot water in your bathroom or kitchen, you want to be sure about the right temperature. With the help of sophisticated temperature controls ,  Vitowell electric water heaters provide exactly the warmth that you need. Electronic timers assure to heat your water right when you need it which contributes to optimizing your energy consumption. Digital displays help you to identify the water temperature before and while the heater is running. Soft touch displays were designed for you to ease the use of  Vitowell electric heaters.

High quality and durability

Water heaters are an important investment in your household. In line with our high-quality approach, we from Viessmann opted for durable and resistable ABS polymer material which is not only much more resistant than other plastics but also more colour-stress. Equipped with the exclusive Viessmann Ceratech Technology,  Vitowell storage heater units guarantee maximum pressure and corrosion resistance of the water tank.

Vitowell comfort storage water heaters: for long-lasting showering comfort

Vitowell comfort Deluxe cube

Vitowell  comfort storage water heaters are unbeatable in terms of durability and safety. Equipped with the exclusive Viessmann Ceratech Technology, the units guarantee maximum corrosion resistance of the water tank and are splash-waterproof.  Vitowell comfort heaters are not only very robust but also smart: energy-efficient programs allow the temperature to be controlled with the utmost precision. They have a double-temperature thermostatic control, withstand a maximum working pressure of eight bar and provide a maximum operating temperature of 75 °C. Additional features, like LED temperature ready, heating element technology or programming options are available among three products, the Classic, Premium or Deluxe heater.

Ceratech Technology®

Viessmann adopts the exclusive Ceratech Technology® enamel coating formula to extend the durability of its water tanks. The anti-corrosion function performed by the internal water tank ceramic layer has been developed with decades of expertise and continuous improvement of materials and applied technology. The ceramic layer has a particularly high density and a perfectly smooth surface, undergoing a 100% quality check off the production line. Acid corrosion resistance, alkaline resistance, temperature and pressure resistance - all these technical characteristics are in line with the latest German quality standards to guarantee a long-lasting durability of the heater at its core. 

Capacities for different needs

Vitowell  storage heaters serve different capacities that you may need at your home. 30 litres units are useful for the main bathroom of a family. You may opt for 10 or 15-liters storage for your kitchen or service bathroom. If you are using a bathtub, our  Vitowell comfort cylinders with a bigger capacity of 50 to 100 liters will be your choice.

High quality standards for durability and safety

Viessmann's German heritage obliges us to offer products at high quality standards. All our storage water heaters are made of high-quality ABS material. They meet EU standards for health, safety, and environmental protection and are developed as per strictest quality standards. This translates into high level precision, safety and durability in daily operation.

Vitowell easy electric instant water heaters: Perfectly tempered water. In the smallest space.

Vitowell easy Deluxe

Vitowell  easy water heaters are a great solution in any space that achieve top performance in spite of their amazingly compact size. Behind the user-friendly design lies genuine German craftsmanship. The durable products constantly supply showers with hot water, allowing you to shower at your desired temperature without any fluctuations. Equipped with an extremely reliable and newly designed mechanical ELCB (earth-leakage circuit breaker) protection, the appliances are completely safe.

The heaters operate at a frequency of 50Hz, withstand a maximum inlet water pressure of 6 bar and provide a minimum water flow rate of two litres per minute. A booster DC water pump is available on request for all devices. Installation is done by a professional for maximum service and safety - Viessmann is organizing the needful for your convenience.

A superior level of safety

The innovative Viessmann mechanical ELCB safety switch guarantees complete safety against electrical hazards by means of a mechanical circuit breaker that reacts to any possible electrical leakage. The scalding protection assures that Viessmann instant heaters turn off at 55 ° for maximum protection of your family.

High quality standards for durability and safety

Viessmann's German heritage obliges us to offer products at highest quality standards. All our instant water heaters are made of high-quality ABS material. They are developed and designed as per strictest quality standards which translates into high level precision, safety and durability.