Vitowell comfort Deluxe

Storage Water Heater

Individually controllable, highly precise and efficient: Vitowell comfort Deluxe electric storage water heater stands for maximum user-comfort and efficiency.

Digital soft-touch-display
Electronic timer for programming
Double power option
Electronic ELCB

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Easy digital stepless temperature adjustment

With soft-touch display

Electronic timer

For heater programming

Double-power option

For fast or regular heating time and flexible energy consumption

Ceratech Technology tank coating

For efficient heating

Electronic ELCB and splash-waterproof IP X4 casing

For maximum safety

Double-safety thermostats

For protection against overheating

Durable structure

Made of high-quality ABS material

Fast heating time

And high-density PU Insulation for energy efficiency

Large magnesium anode

For protection against water tank corrosion

Vitowell  comfort Deluxe: Maximum efficiency and intelligent control

Individually controllable, highly precise and efficient: those who make no compromises for their family choose a  Vitowell comfort Deluxe water heater. With digital display functionalities, it provides maximum control over the heating status and allows substantial energy savings thanks to the water availability programming function. An electronic timer is not only convenient to assure that the heater will automatically switch on/off; it also helps to use the device in the most efficient way.

Intelligent control

With its digital display functionalities, the  Vitowell comfort Deluxe provides maximum controlover the heating status and allows substantial energy savings thanks to the water availabilityprogramming function. You can set two daily shower times, and the heater will automaticallyswitch on/off to complete the heating process at the desired time.You also have further flexibility to decide how much power to use with low, medium and maximumpower options, prioritising either a fast heating time or the use of other electrical appliances at home.

Flexible energy consumption

The  Vitowell easy Deluxe heater strikes with flexible options for energy efficiency: Electronic programming enables reduced energy consumption with convenient pre-set of hot water availability. The double-power option has been integrated as   a push-button choice for either fast water heating or slower, energy-saving heating.


Check the dimensions of  Vitowell comfort Deluxe water heaters in the following overview to assure that the device fits well into your home.

Vitowell comfort Deluxe cube
Dimensions / Capacity15 l30 l
A (mm)390471
B (mm)360439
C (mm)342395
D (mm)100100

Product details


15 l: 500W/220V
30 l: 800W/220V


15 l: 7.6 kg
30 l: 12.0 kg